Carnival Cruise Line recognizes and rewards the hard work that Filipino talents give in the line of duty by providing them opportunities to thrive amid a lucrative industry. They prioritized the welfare of every Filipino crew member, making arrangements for safe repatriation during the height of the pandemic by bringing home 5,627 Filipino employees via sea and air–proof of their dedication to ensuring the safety and security of their labor force.

Considering the Philippines as a primary source of exceptional shipboard talent, they credit the company’s successes over the past 5 decades to their Filipino crew members. As of March 2022, an estimated 10,000 Filipino CCL crew have been reported active, with more than 11,000 hired between 2011-2021, and more than 6,500 back on board right after the company resumed its operations. As a measure of their goodwill and care for their people, company President Christine Duffy visited the Philippines in the recent World Travel & Tourism Council summit to personally meet 1,800 Filipino crew members–including one who has been sailing with the company for almost 4 decades–on furlough to thank them for their hard work. That, in addition to their efforts to establish a wholly-owned back office subsidiary in Manila that will aid currently-contractual Filipino employees in their transition to becoming Carnival direct hires.