As an importer and distributor specializing in Philippine products, United Food of Asia actively promotes the identity of the Filipino in the U.S.–from food to household items, even personal care products, all of which are proudly Filipino-made. The company carries with it a strong following in the Eastern States, catering to 95% of Asian mainstream outlets in these areas. This is a result of the confidence and trust they gained from their valued customers–a clear reflection of the honesty and fairness they employ in every business dealing.

It also empowers and equips its Filipino employees, providing employment opportunities via the various food manufacturers and cooperatives under its group, all of whom serve as suppliers. To date, the workforce of all Philippine-based entities that comprise the company stands at more than 5,000-strong–a testament to their devotion to give their employees and their families a chance to make a good, honest, fair living–one that they can truly be proud of.